There’s something about white fluffy clouds that spark imagination and daydreams. Homely Creatures’ gorgeous knitted cloud cushion is handmade in Bolivia, and is knitted from lusciously soft, 100% Alpaca wool. 

Our cloud cushion comes in a range of colours and sizes to suit your space and looks perfect on a chair, shelf or in a bed. A knitted cloud cushion makes a lovely gender neutral gift and compliments the decor of most nursery themes. 

Our medium pink cloud was famously seen in Bianca and Carla’s Decider Challenge Room on The Block, 2018.


  • Available in three different sizes and a range of colours:
    • Small - 30cm wide cloud available in white or black stripe
    • Medium - 38cm wide available in pink or black
    • Large - 48cm wide, available in white or pink stripe
  • Cloud cushion knitted from 100% Alpaca wool, a natural water repellant that is hypoallergenic (contains no lanolin).
  • Alpaca wool is extremely soft and not prickly like sheep's wool.

Cloud Cushions

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